Jacob Damgaard

Something magical happened the first time Jacob was introduced to food & cooking. It was at a time when he was a tired and bored 12-year-old schoolchild, struggling his way through math and grammar. Cooking brought him into a new and meaningful world - a world of amazing flavors that awoke his senses and motivated him to explore, challenge and learn.

Jacob Damgaard wants to give families successful experiences and provide them with basic life skills which will enable them to create a healthy, balanced life.

Jacob Damgaard founded Damgaard Works in 2012 with the aim of establishing a platform for working with leading organizations to provide their audience with basic life skills and encourage them to live well and do good.

Jacob Damgaard has an MSc in Food Science & Technology from the University of Copenhagen. He lives in Los Angeles, USA and Copenhagen, Denmark. Jacob is married to brain scientist Maria Damgaard. Together they have a son called Saxo (1).